The medical device to treat motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease

New Gondola device

Il nuovo dispositivo Gondola per la malattia di parkinson
Inserimento del piede nel dispositivo gondola

GONDOLA® is a portable medical device for personal use, made for people who live with Parkinson’s, it is effective in treating Freezing of Gait, in reducing motor symptoms and in improving balance.

The GONDOLA® device gives a treatment named “Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation” (AMPS). Several clinical studies have documented that AMPS therapy is effective in improving motor skills in Parkinson’s: Freezing of Gait, slowness of movement, small steps and balance problems.

AMPS therapy is based on non-invasive stimulations given via controlled mechanical impulses in specific areas of both feet; these stimulations induce an increased connectivity between brain areas involved in control of movement, as it has been documented in a clinical study published in the scientific journal PlosOne.

GONDOLA® supplies the AMPS treatment in an individual way for each person (find out how it works) thanks to a configuration made by specialized personnel according to the different characteristics and needs of each patient; in this way, after having seen the positive response to the treatment, patients can continue the therapy directly at home with their personal device, maintaining so the benefits over time.

Thanks to a significant, immediate decrease of the Freezing of Gait, to the improvement of the walking speed, to a better quality of walking, and to an improved balance, patients gain more self-confidence and improve their autonomy, being able to live a more independent life and to have better social and working lives; all this allows an improvement to the quality of life of the patient and of his whole family.

The GONDOLA® medical device has been developed by Gondola Medical Technologies SA, a Swiss company specialized in research and development of new technologies for neurological rehabilitation. GONDOLA is distributed directly by Gondola Medical Technologies SA.

Patients need to verify their response to the treatment given via the device by setting an appointment with a specialized GONDOLA operator.

The visit takes place in authorized centers, where trained specialists perform a GONDOLA® treatment to the patient in order to assess the benefits induced by the treatment.

GONDOLA® is a portable medical device for personal use, made for people who live with Parkinson’s; it is effective in treating Freezing of Gait, in reducing motor problems and in improving balance.

How the GONDOLA device works

The GONDOLA® device has been designed to deliver the AMPS therapy directly at the patients’ home, according to his/her necessities; the aid of an adequately trained adult is required during device use.

The assistance of a specialized operator is required only for the initial configuration and for the periodical maintenance (i.e. during battery replacement, needed twice a year).

The GONDOLA® device is composed of two units, worn on patient’s feet for the short duration of the treatment (less than two minutes).

While receiving the treatment patients must be laying on a bed. The stimulation is fast (lasts less than two minutes), while the overall time required by the treatment from beginning to end – including the time needed to fit the device on both patient’s feet – is around ten minutes.

The GONDOLA® device is simple to use, and easy to transport in its practical bag thanks to its contained weight (in total less than 5 kg – 11 pounds) and to its reduced size (less than a carry-on bag). Battery life, with two treatments per week, is around six months.

The treatment supplied by the GONDOLA® device is aimed at improving motor symptoms caused by Parkinson’s, and it’s not going to replace the medical treatments. The patient must continue periodical visits with his/her neurologist and has to maintain compliance with the prescribed medical therapies.

The GONDOLA® device is composed of two units, worn on patient’s feet for the short duration of the treatment.

More independence, increased self-confidence, better quality of life

Articles publishes on international medical journals say that AMPS therapy supplied by GONDOLA® is effective in treating Parkinson’s motor symptoms.

More specifically, the GONDOLA® device is effective in:

  • Reducing Freezing of Gait, gait hesitation and motor blocks
  • Reducing slowness of movements (bradikynesis)
  • Improving confidence and fluidity in walking
  • Improving balance, therefore reducing the risk of falls

The benefits deriving form use of GONDOLA® are, in most cases, visible immediately after the first stimulation and last three-five days; a regular, continuous use of the device allows to maintain benefits over time.

One of the clinical studies, which outcomes were published on the journal Parkinson’s Disease, has documented that GONDOLA® is more effective when motor symptoms are more advanced, meaning that patients in intermediate and advanced stages of Parkinson’s can benefit most from this treatment approach.

The improvements of the motor skills available to patients after GONDOLA® use allow them to gain more confidence in walking and to have better balance, with a positive impact on independence and quality of life.

The benefits deriving from the GONDOLA® device differ from person to person, it is therefore important to initially verify the response to the treatment.

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