Paolo – With GONDOLA® it’s a brand new start

“My name is Paolo Sanvito, I’m 60, I work on the legal department of an Italian multi-national company.

In 2008 I found out I had Parkinson’s, or – better yet – my wife did. Parkinson’s is a disease that wears you down. It does not kill you, but it destroys you psychologically if you don’t react.

Timing of my life used to be tuned around pills: at 10.30 am, the time of the second pill, I was experiencing problems already before taking the pill, if I was at work I had to calculate timing well and to plan activities according to the time I took these damn pills, if I wanted to avoid being blocked like a curbstone.

I have then discovered the GONDOLA® device almost by chance, thanks to a friend of my wife. I thoroughly gathered all available information, then I decided to test it. I have obtained unbelievable benefits.

Before GONDOLA®, if I had to enter into an office full of people for work, I had to wait the apex of effect of medications if I wanted to avoid to be goofy. Now, I can go straight head with no worries, and nobody can say nothing and there is nothing strange, because I have full control of my steps and I walk normally.

I have gained back my independence, my freedom to walk. Being able to avoid motor blocks, to walk, to be fast when I need to is a great satisfaction, it’s like being on another planet!”

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