Alessandra – “It seems like I’m flying now”

“My name is Alessandra Cecchinato, I’m 49, I work as healthcare professional at a retirement home for elderly people. I’m an active person. I’ve always practiced ballet and I love sports like aerobics and swimming.

But in 2013 I discovered I had Parkinson’s and my life changed. I stopped playing sports, and I had to change my work activities.

I have known the GONDOLA® device following an advice of my neurologist. Initially I was skeptical on this approach, but I decided to gather more information. My partner pushed me to test the device.

I’ve been using GONDOLA® for almost two years, it has changed my life: I used to walk very slowly with unsecure steps, when I made turns I always risked to fall.

Since I use the GONDOLA® device, when I walk it seems like I’m flying!”

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