Frequently asked questions about GONDOLA ®device and AMPS therapy

Is GONDOLA® aimed at replacing medical treatments?

GONDOLA® therapy’s goal is to improve motor symptoms of people living with Parkinson’s disease, mainly in intermediate and advanced stages of the condition; it is an add-on treatment to medications. GONDOLA® intends to be an additional tool that the neurologist can consider in order to complete the treatment of Parkinson’s symptoms.

Are benefits deriving from the AMPS treatment maintained with regular use of the device?

A clinical study published on the International Journal of Rehabilitation Research has documented that a regular repetition of AMPS therapy twice a week allows patients to maintain benefits over time.

Every GONDOLA® stimulation induces benefits that generally last 3-5 days after the treatment, regular home use of the personal device twice a week allows to maintain benefits.

Usually, device configuration needs to be verified, and updated if needed, twice a year at a GONDOLA® Specialized Center.

What is the effect of the peripheral stimulation delivered via the GONDOLA device on the Central Nervous System?

The innovative GONDOLA® treatment is based on the stimulation of the peripheral nervous system, more specifically on mechanical stimulations of specific areas of both feet; the pressure-based stimulations applied via proprietary procedure in specific areas of both feet induce an increased activation of brain areas involved in the management of movement, in the sensory-motor integration and in the processing of visuo-spatial information, as documented in a clinical study which results were published by the scientific magazine PlosOne.

This helps in explaining the positive effects of the GONDOLA® stimulation on improving motor symptoms and balance in Parkinson’s patients, and, most of all, the significant improvements of Freezing of Gait, a symptom that before AMPS had no known treatments.

How do I verify if GONDOLA® is helpful to me?

The results of a clinical study published on the International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technologies show that the benefits of the AMPS therapy delivered via the GONDOLA® device are obtained immediately after the stimulation.

This means that it is possible to verify benefits deriving from the treatment with a single visit with AMPS stimulation; the visit has to be done at a GONDOLA Specialized Center.

How can benefits deriving from GONDOLA be distinguished from those due to medical treatment?

All Parkinson’s patients are aware of those motor symptoms that do not respond to medications, and of the fact that overtime their response to pharmacological treatments is more and more limited.

The positive effects deriving from GONDOLA® can be easily identified, they are in most cases available immediately after the treatment and last for few days.

Is GONDOLA effective with all Parkinson' symptoms?

The treatment given via the GONDOLA® device is effective on motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

More specifically, it is effective in reducing Freezing of Gait, a symptom that has little or no response to any currently available treatment, in improving walking speed and balance.

The device gives no improvements on tremor.

Where can I buy the GONDOLA® device?

The GONDOLA® device is only available from Gondola Medical Technologies SA, the Swiss company specializing in neuro-rehabilitation that has invented and developed the device.

Gondola Medical Technologies SA operates in partnership with local Specialized Centers where patients can initially verify their response to the treatment given with the device, and – after having purchased the device – can receive after‑sales assistance and maintenance.

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